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5 Tips for Successful Planting of Indoor Plants
The Best Plants for Beginners: A Guide to Easy Planting
The Benefits of Companion Planting: How Plants Can Help Each Other
The Top 5 Plants for a Beautiful Garden: Planting Made Easy
The Importance of Proper Planting Techniques for Healthy Growth
The Ultimate Guide to Planting and Caring for Houseplants
10 Tips for Successful Planting in Your Garden
Choosing the Right Plants for Your Indoor Garden
The Benefits of Companion Planting for Vegetable Gardens
How to Create a Planting Schedule for Year-Round Harvest


Free unlimited article generation with your own OpenAI Key

Because $5 per article generation doesn’t make sense…

It's free? Whats the catch?

Yes, this tool is free...

because this is a static website. I know other tools are paid. But this tool has no backend, meaning no cost to provide this service. Hence it's free.

But what's the catch?

Ok, so it's not like 100% free. You use your own OpenAI Key, so you do have to pay directly to OpenAI for their usage. But this tool doesn't charge anything on top of that.

The other catch is that this runs in your browser. So you can't close your browser while the article is generating. If you're generating 1000 articles, it may take a while.

Will this be free forever?

Yes! Again, I don't have any cost to provide this service, so you can be assure it's free.

If I do introduce paid plans, it will be for supporting features such as background processing and API access since there incur costs.

How much traffic can I get?

tldr; 100 articles * 10 impressions * 3% click rate * 31 days = 920 visitors per month.

Let's do the math. You have a website. You index 100 articles to rank on 100 long-tail keywords. On average, each long-tail keyword gives you 10 impressions per day. The average google search click rate is 3% for first page result. You've set up your website to earn up to 1,000 visitors this month, awesome!

Cool I understand, how do I start?

Well... click the button below :)

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